Terms and conditions relating to above courses and block bookings include time scales for which booked and paid for courses should be completed. A 6 hour block booking is given a six week period to complete the 4 sessions lasting an hour and half each. Likewise the 9 hour block booking is given a 8 week period in which to complete the 6 sessions. A similar period is applied to all sessions.

Intensive courses are based upon 2 hour sessions with 1 session per day. The course requires the client to have passed their theory test prior to booking an intensive course. All fees must be paid on the first session of the block booking or any session. 


Should a client cancel more than 48 hours of the session starting no charge will be levied. Within 48 hours but more than 24 hours half the session fee is chargeable to the client. Less than 24 hours prior to the session starting then full session fee would be chargeable.